What sets us apart
CertAssurance is a tool developed by a property manager, for property managers. It was designed specifically to automate every step of the workflow associated with COIs, drastically reduce the amount of time a property manager is required to spend focusing on COIs, and produce better results than current manual processes.
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Features of Our App
Automate your checklist
Use CertAssurance to check the Acord25 forms
submitted by all your tenants & vendors.
Automated Validation
Set up your property's profile and insurance requirements.
Properties can use a blanket set of requirements for tenants and vendors, or customize requirements on a per-tenant or per-vendor basis.
All COIs are validated automatically by CertAssurance against your property requirements upon upload to a tenant or vendor entry.
CertAssurance will read the COI document and immediately notify you of any issues it detects.
Expiration Tracking
CertAssurance will read and track the expiration date of your COI when you upload it.
If the COI is already expired, CertAssurance will let you know immediately.
Set automatic reminders for 15, 30, or 60 days out from COI expiration.
Optionally, CertAssurance can also automatically notify your tenant or vendor on your behalf of upcoming COI expirations.
CertAssurance has a robust dashboard that gives you the most important information, all at a glance including:
Total amount of properties, tenants, and vendors under management
Total amount of COIs that have already expired
COIs that are expiring within the next 7, 14, and 30 days
Properties summary view with a top-level list of alerts for those properties
Curation & Ongoing Automation
CertAssurance may, on a by-tenant or by-vendor basis as chosen by the property manager, automatically notify tenants and vendors of upcoming COI expirations.
CertAssurance can also send an email to your tenants and vendors and request a COI directly from them.
Tenants and Vendors can upload their respective COIs directly to CertAssurance and the COI is subject to the same rigorous validation process for COIs uploaded by the property manager.
Those Tenants and Vendors are also immediately noti!ed if their COI is incorrect, and are provided with a list of items to correct as well as the correct information to use.
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